2021 Weddings

Each member of the stephanie Jade Photography team was pick intentionally and purposely. These girls showed the highest level of service, Passion for job, Kindness toward others, pure talent and, over all- they are just so stinkin likable. I would trust my life and  more importantly my wedding day to these ladies. Trust me, You can do the Same. Keep scrolling to see what we can do for you. And who knows, Maybe on day you will be sending us funny snaps of your dogs and we live happily ever after as BFFs.

I'm tempted to just put the word "Congrats!" in bold lettering across this entire page, because that's basically how I feel. Even though we barely know each other, I'm so happy for you. and if we are being honest, this is a little creepy. Right now you are shopping for strangers to stand by to you for some of the biggest moments of your life!  WHAAAAT.  We will be 3rd wheeling it with you all day sweet cheeks. But try not to think of us as random girl with cameras. Think of us more as MAID OF HONORS FOR HIRE. Just some Fun, Talented, on the ball girls, dedicated to making you look and feel amazing on your wedding day. 

Congrats, lets get started.

"if you're anything like me, you look for someone who catches your mojo, and makes you look way hotter than reality would actually condone.."

We are all about love and laughs. So naturally that is what you can expect when you show up to your first session. In my opinion, a photoshoot is a time for you to spend a little quality time with your sweetheart and make a new best friend, AKA me.  Our  approach is not super posed or stiff.  Our style is much more relaxed and fun than anything else. We want to capture your love, the real-life, breathtaking moments that happen between two people wildly in love.

How we do it

**Insert ABBA lyrics here**

Our team is designed to provide ever kind of  budget will amazing photos. Starting prices for each photographer are listed below. 

We offer customized collections and payments plans.

We start each couple off with a call to make sure we are a good fit, to get more information about what you need, and give you all the details about our services. 

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Meet the team

 I like to think that my career as an artist started when I won a Taco Time coloring contest in the 4th grade. I got to go to the fire station for dinner and get my picture taken with like 20 other kids. So yeah, I’m a pretty big deal. I guess we should all thank Taco Time for inspiring the inner artist in me and bringing us together today.  

 I never planned on being a photographer. I was doing hair and make up for weddings, Taking photos for my portfolio and accidentally fell in love with having a camera in my hand. Yes, my job before this was literally to make brides look GOOD.  I started sharing my work on instagram and then BAM. People were sliding into my DMS and I was flying across the country documenting love stories. 

Wedding collections starting at $2200



I guess you could say I put the Steph In Stephanie Jade Photography.

  Professional photographers 

make-up artist 


Chick-fil-a Lovers





Hi i'm Katelyn! One of our lead wedding and elopement  photographers and make-up artist.  In between documenting these stories you can find me munching on Zebra Popcorn (if you haven't tried this STOP what you're doing and ORDER SOME (maybe send me a bag??)), studying my heart out for social media marketing, and advocating mental health & happiness.

I want you to know that I'm your safe place. You can get your snot all over me after seeing your bride for the first time. I'm here to celebrate, support & cry with you. To document who you are right now - your soul. The good, the bad, & the messy. I'm here for that.

Wedding collections starting at $1400

I'm Kali,  I specialize in LDS temple weddings and Southern Utah Elopements.  I first started photography I was in high school. At the time my boyfriend's mom was doing photography and she introduced me to her backup camera and invited me to come along to a few sessions. After that I was hooked. I loved the way the lighting and the subject came alive. I loved being able to capture joy, light, breath, and life.  

When I'm not living my dream of being your wedding photographer you can find me snuggling with my CUTE puppy and my also cute husband watching psych and eating mac and  cheese. 

Wedding collections starting at $1000



"Katelyn Is our creative QUEEN.
She has the ability to turn  your feet in to ART. It sounds like a joke but I have seen it happen many times." 
- Steph

"Kali is a wedding ANGEL.
I me t her first when she was a bridesmaid, and  then a bride, and  after we shot our first wedding together I know I needed her on my team."
- Steph

Now booking 2021

Finding a photographer is a lot like finding your soulmate. 
Do you trust me?
Could you be yourself around me?
Do you want to be part of my world?
Are you still looking around or are you ready for a little commitment?
So, should we make this official or what?
Check yes or no.

Is this fate?

lets do this

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 if you have any questions or want to make this official, I’m probably waiting by the phone like a little school girl with a crush.
Jk, but probably.